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Master of Arts in Reading Education

Program Description

The MA in Reading Education degree, Reading Certificate, and Reading Specialist Credential programs are designed to provide increased knowledge and skill for those who are or wish to become reading/language arts specialists in public or private schools, clinics, and at community colleges. The program is also ideal for elementary and secondary teachers who plan to remain in the classroom but who wish to deepen their theoretical and practical understandings about the teaching of reading and the language arts. Candidates are prepared to teach, tutor, develop curriculum, offer in-service instruction and administer reading centers for students ranging from preK through community college. The MA in Reading Education degree is often earned concurrently with a California Reading Specialist Credential. Program Options

Program Options

There are four options in San Diego State University's MA in Reading Education programs. This is the ONLY MA degree program at SDSU that allows you to study concurrently for your Reading Certificate and/or Reading Specialist Credential. Each of these programs provides extensive, collaborative, and supervised clinical experiences within the SDSU Literacy Center and real-time experience teaching at-risk students in the community. The option you pursue will depend upon your educational and professional background, as well as your future career plans.

• Reading Certificate – 13 units

The Reading Certificate provides additional expertise and authorization in literacy instruction, preparing you to teach literacy in the classroom more effectively and to assume additional roles at the school level in literacy leadership. The Reading Certificate program is offered through either distance education (completed in two summers) OR traditional, face-to-face instruction (completed in three academic year semesters). Students must choose to apply to EITHER the distance education or the traditional Reading Certificate program.

• Reading Specialist Credential – 25 units

The Reading Specialist Credential program is a preK-adolescent and higher teaching credential. After completing the coursework for the program, you must also be able to verify three years of U.S. teaching experience plus a clear, initial California teaching credential in order to apply to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. The Reading Specialist Credential prepares teachers to be an effective literacy instructor, as well as to assume leadership roles in the presentation of professional development, literacy coaching, and literacy program assessment and curricula.

• Master of Arts in Reading Education – 31 units (plus 3 units of pre- or co-requisite)

The MA in Reading Education program prepares teachers to be an effective literacy instructor. You will also gain expertise in research in the area of literacy development and instruction, as well as conduct and evaluate research.

• Combined Reading Specialist Credential and Master of Arts in Reading Education – 31 units (plus 3 units of pre- or co-requisite)

The combined Reading Specialist Credential and MA in Reading Education program is appropriate for students who do not already hold the M.A. degree, whose career plans may take them outside of California, or who desire to pursue Ph.D. student at some future date.

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Graduate Advisor and Program Coordinator
Dr. Nancy Frey

Comprehensive Exam

In the last semester of study, students are required to pass a written comprehensive examination. Effective spring 2004, the exam is a "take home" test sent electronically on a Friday morning and must be completed by the following Monday morning. Students are permitted to refer to textbooks, articles and notes from their classes in crafting responses to essay questions. Responses may not exceed five double-spaced pages per question. Students must answer one mandatory question and select two others from the remaining five.

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