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Master of Arts in Teaching Program

Program Description

The Master of Arts in Teaching Degree program is designed for K-12 teachers who wish to improve their instructional effectiveness. The program accepts 9 semester units of post-baccalaureate teacher credential coursework and includes 24 units of additional course work. Students may enroll in the regular fall/spring program or select the summer-only program. Classes are offered on weekdays in the late afternoons and some course work is online.

Core Beliefs Reflected in the SDSU MAT Program

Both the design and substance of the SDSU MAT Degree program reflect the following beliefs about teaching and learning:

  1. Understanding of and sensitivity to learners' past and present socio-cultural and academic experiences are crucial to informed instructional decision-making.
  2. A firm grasp of the rapidly expanding research in cognitive processes involved in learning is critical to the synergistic teaching /learning process.
  3. Purposeful interaction and active collaboration within the learning environment promote both social and academic skill-building
  4. 4) Project-based curriculum closely aligned to authentic problems and contexts presents robust learning opportunities.
  5. Understanding the ‘why' of pedagogical practice holds equal importance to understanding the ‘how' of pedagogical practice.
  6. Understanding the subject matter is critical to the selection and application of appropriate teaching strategies.
  7. The wise, pedagogically-sound use of new information and communication technologies heightens the capacity to build increasingly robust learning opportunities.

Core Courses & Concentrations

All students will take 4 core courses designed to build knowledge and skills in effective instructional practices, assessment strategies and action research techniques. The remaining 4 courses will be in an area of concentration selected by each student. The concentrations are:

Students in Classroom

All coursework must be no more than 7 years old at the time the degree is granted. If your teaching credential units are older than this or if your teaching credential was an undergraduate degree program, you can still be in the MAT Degree program by taking an additional 9 units for a total of 33 units.

The Reading/Language Arts Concentration is 25 units of coursework for a total of 34 units after the 9 units of post-baccalaureate teaching credential coursework is accepted.

* Concentrations will be offered as there is adequate demand for them.

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