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Master of Arts in Teaching Program

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a full-time teacher. Will I be able to complete this program?

We have structured the program to accommodate the schedules of full-time teachers. For example, all face-to-face class sessions will begin at either 4:00 or 7:00 p.m. on weekdays. The online sessions may be accessed anytime during the week for which they are designated. In addition, you will be able to integrate much of the coursework into your own classroom instruction.

How many courses are required for the degree and when will I take these courses?

The MAT program requires a total of eight courses. You may take courses in the fall and/or spring OR choose the summer-only program and complete this program in three consecutive summers. (NOTE: The summer-only program [K-12 Language Arts Education] is more condensed so classes may meet more times each week but they will still be in the late afternoons.)

Do I have to take the GRE?

Yes, verbal, quantitative and writing GRE scores are required. You need to take the test before you can be admitted to the university and begin the program. Scores from previous years are acceptable. You will need to provide a copy of the scores sent to you by the Educational Testing Service ( or request that they send official GRE scores directly to San Diego State University. The institution code for SDSU is #4682.

The computerized GRE is offered daily. You can take the test on the SDSU campus (call 619-594-0968) or at any Prometric Testing Center. For the Center closest to you, visit There is a fee to take the GRE. To get additional information, you can call 1-800-GRE-CALL or go to their web site at

Can I take this MAT degree program if I got my California teaching credential more than five years ago?

Yes, but you will need to take nine additional graduate units because your teaching credential coursework will not apply.

What if my teaching credential is from another state?

If your teaching credential is recent and you have nine units of post-baccalaureate coursework within your credential, these units may be applied to the MAT program. If your teaching credential is at the baccalaureate level, you would need to take an additional nine units of graduate coursework to complete the MAT degree.

What are tuition costs?

For current fee information, click here: Registration Fees

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