Bilingual Special Education Teacher Preparation Acquisition of Language and Academic Skills - ALAS Program

ALAS Program

A dual credential Bilingual Multiple Subjects and Education Specialist Teacher Preparation program. This dual credential teacher preparation program is designed for Bilingual individuals proficient in Spanish and English seeking a Bilingual Credential and who are interested in obtaining an additional credential as an Education Specialist in Mild / Moderate disabilities. This is an intensive two-year credential program for highly committed individuals interested in meeting the specific needs of English language learners in California.

Goal / Mission

The overall goal of the ALAS project is to address the need for qualified bilingual (English-Spanish) special education teachers in California who are trained to teach K-8 English language learners (ELLs) with special needs. Three goals that guide the project are:

  1. to provide a model program for pre-service teachers in bilingual and special education,
  2. to incorporate special education skills to modify and adapt bilingual instructional methods that are research based, and
  3. to improve SDSU’s capacity to train dual credentialed bilingual and special education teachers to teach ELL students with Mild/Moderate disabilities.


ALAS is a partnership between local school districts with large populations of language minority students and two higher education departments at SDSU specializing in Bilingual and Special Education. ALAS program participants will be prepared to teach English language learners with special needs. Prospective teachers will be trained in the use of curricula aligned with California Content Standards and instruction that accelerates the acquisition of literacy, academic language, and content knowledge.

Funding Agency

Office of English Language Acquisition web site (ALAS federal project)