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Requirements for Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Only

Students applying for admission as credential only students must possess a Master’s degree from an accredited university, have taken the CBEST, and have been employed full time for three years in a position that requires the teaching, pupil personnel services, school librarian, or school nurse credential.

In order to be recommended for the preliminary credential, students must maintain the university minimum 3.0 grade point average with no grade lower than a "B-" in all required classes.

The following courses are required for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential:

Core Courses

Course # Course Description
EDL 600 Principles of Educational Administration (3 units)
This course focuses on various management issues relative to school leadership, including an understanding of legal and financial principles important to the functions of school and district administrators.
EDL 630 Curriculum Design and Management (3 units)
This course addresses the essential role of the principal as an instructional leader. Data-driven decision making, professional learning communities, curriculum and instructional issues, and leading diverse schools in efforts to improve student achievement and closing the achievement gap are emphasized.
EDL 610 Educational Leadership (3 units)
This course introduces concepts, attributes, and characteristics of leadership associated with the challenging contexts of various educational environments. Students are introduced to the importance of vision and the process for developing, sustaining and communicating that vision to achieve higher student achievement by actively and meaningfully including stakeholders.
EDL 652 Instructional Improvement and Evaluation (3 units)
This course introduces aspiring administrators to various models of supervision and evaluation in elementary and secondary schools. Emphasis is placed on a blending of practical application and well-grounded conceptual understanding. The concepts of supervision and coaching as processes for leading and directing change and school improvement are emphasized.
EDL 640 Leadership in School-Community Relations (3 units)
This course provides an opportunity for aspiring administrators to learn how to work effectively with families and community members; recognize the goals and aspirations of diverse families; respond to diverse community interests and needs; and mobilize community resources in the service of student achievement.
EDL 655 Communications, Problem-solving and Decision Making in PK-12 Systems (3 units)
This capstone course synthesizes concepts and field experiences from previous courses and emphasizes how school leaders develop school cultures conducive to collaboration and a collective sense of responsibility for student learning. Specific strategies in communication, decision-making, problem solving, and conflict management relative to the visionary leader as a systems thinker are explored.

Field Experience

Course # Course Description
EDL 660 Field Experience (6 units over 2 semesters)
Field experiences engage aspiring administrators in the real work of leading for school improvement in student achievement. Candidates will work at their school site, under the guidance of their site administrator and university supervisor, to identify a targeted group of students and provide leadership for teachers, parents, and other stakeholders to develop a plan and implement strategies directed at increasing achievement for these students. Field experiences are directly linked to the content of course work. In addition, aspiring administrators participate in a three-day shadowing experience.

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