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The Department of Educational Leadership offers two options leading to the California Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.

Master of Arts in PK-12 Educational Leadership
The MA in PK-12 Educational Leadership requires students to complete 24 units of coursework required for the administrative credential plus nine additional units related to research and the completion of an action research project.

Credential Only
The Credential Only option is available to those who already hold a master’s degree; these students are required to complete the 24 unit credential sequence.

Students are admitted in cohort groups (including both master and credential only students) each fall. Each cohort includes approximately 20-30 students, all of whom are working professionals in public or private schools or other educational settings. Credential coursework is completed over 3 semesters (Fall, Spring, Fall). Master’s coursework is completed in 2 additional semesters (the Summer between Year 1 and 2, and the Spring semester of the 2nd year).

Classes are held one evening each week from 4:00-9:00 p.m., and in most cases classes are offered off campus at educational facilities accessible via major freeways.

SDSU/SDUSD Aspiring Administrator Program
In 2010, the Department of Educational Leadership and San Diego Unified School District entered into a partnership for leadership development. The SDSU/SDUSD Aspiring Administrator Program offers SDUSD licensed personnel (who are nominated by their district) an opportunity to participate in a unique cohort with additional leadership development activities provided by the district.

Contact Information: For further information about the master’s and/or credential program, contact Dr. Kathryn Singh,

For specific information about the SDSU/SDUSD Aspiring Administrator Program, contact Dr. Patti Chance,

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