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The Department of Policy Studies in Language and Cross Cultural Education prepares bilingual and cross-cultural teachers, administrators, and other educators who are reflective and transformational practitioners in addressing the needs of ethnically and linguistically diverse learners through collaboration with schools, families and community. For more information, please contact the department at (619) 594-5155.

Application Deadlines

Apply to SDSU

The CSU MENTOR deadline to apply to SDSU for Fall 2014 is March 1, 2014. You may complete the CSU application form online at: CSU Mentor online.

Apply to the PLC Department

The Bilingual Multiple Subject and Bilingual Single Subject Credential programs Fall 2014 deadline to apply to the PLC department is March 15, 2014. For specific information about programs and application process, visit the Bilingual Credential program page.

The PLC Graduate programs (MA & Advanced Certificates) Fall 2014 deadline to apply to the PLC department is March 15, 2014. Please note: if you cannot meet the University's March 15, 2014 graduate application deadline, please contact the Dr. Cristina Alfaro at For specific program and application information visit the MA Program page or the Advanced Certificates programs page.

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Voices of Graduates

Ana Merlos - BCLAD Multiple Subject Graduate 2009

Ana Merlos

Transcript of Ana Merlos Video

“I'd like to sum up the experience we've had on our journey as beginning teachers and express some of the insights that we've gained leading up to this point. Despite what our monolingual society would like us all to believe we are all living proof that bilingualism, multilingualism, multiculturalism, is, in the words of Professor Sainz, an asset and not deniability.”

Danielle Chambers - BCLAD Multiple Subject Graduate 2009

Danielle Chambers

Transcript of Danielle Chambers Video

“But the real lesson that I have taken away from our professors and this credential program is that being a bilingual teacher is to be entrusted with a great responsibility, a responsibility to provide equal access to education for all children. Being a bilingual teacher is to promote social justice and to not only welcome but embrace diversity. It is to honor the student's voice and let it be heard in the classroom. I personally believe that education is the great equalizer in our world.”

“To be a bilingual teacher is be someone who promotes this idea every day in the classroom and is someone who refuses to allow language to restrict the power of education. We acknowledge the fact that we live in a global world and we need to prepare ourselves the demands of living in such a world. As students of San Diego State University we need not look far to understand this notion. To be a bilingual citizen is to open doors that would have otherwise been closed and it is to our professors that we owe this world vision.”

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